Monday, June 28, 2010

No Moo for Me

This blog site features Savvy approved Dairy free recipes and products! If it is not {Savvilicious} then it is not on this blog! Savvy is a 3 year old little girl who is an amazing Warrior Princess! At the age of 1 she received a liver transplant and has had severe dairy allergies since. Savvy is spunky and loves to help her Super Papi in the kitchen...she loves it so much that she is the Chef making each recipe and trying out each product we review (with the help of her sous chef, "Super Papi!" and her "No Moo Crew"). Yummy or Yucky she is the one in charge and she will let you know!
If you are interested in winning an ad spot on No Moo For Me! this is the place to be! The ads must be of a family friendly product. If your company has food related products then some of the food items must be "Savvy Friendly" which means they must be dairy free. We are actually giving away 3 spots on the sidebar!! For those of you who win a spot for a free month you can continue to keep your spot on the sidebar for 50% off for the next 3 months! For those of you who enter and do not worries...The No Moo Crew will offer you a spot discount of 25% off for the next 3 months (just contact me and let me know you entered).
Check out this awsome blog for the ad giveaway, great recipes, and more!

Friday, June 18, 2010

4 Essential Factors that Make Up a Good Web Page

The following factors make up a good web page: purpose, content, web site usability, and design.

Now that more people are using the Internet, establishing your own web page is one of the best marketing strategies for businesses to gain reputation, popularity, to build trust with customers, and to advertise their products. With many advantages, most business owners are willing to allocate a good portion of their money to have a web page of their own by letting the professionals do the programming for them. Many programmers are now accepting this kind of jobs like Sault Ste Marie web design and marketing.
But as a client, you must also know that there are certain factors to consider for you to distinguish if the web page is good enough for you business. They are listed below:


The web page’s purpose should be aligned to your business goals. If you plan to make the web page as a company’s outlet to accept orders, then make one with product navigation and payment methods. Stick only to what the site is intended for. Designate appropriate sections in your Web site to different purposes. With your page’s purposes in alignment with your goals, it wouldn’t be long that all your business goals will be achieved.


Another factor that makes up a good Web site is that contents are clearly stated and can be easily understood. Information should be laid out properly and should be straight to the point. If the Web site is more on advertising products, information like item descriptions and prices should be placed where it is prominent and readily accessible by the customers. As much as possible, the site should always be updated on a regular basis and should always have fresh and interesting contents. Also make sure that links are working and the website can be browsed in different browsers.

Web site usability

Web site usability should focus on the company’s goals and more on the customer’s needs and expectations because it will determine if visitors can indeed interact with the web page. Good usability means that user won’t have to take long and won’t have any difficulty in browsing your website, and they should be able to find whatever they are looking for without being bored. To have good web page usability, the web page should be easy to navigate and its content should be considered.


This factor may be the least to consider but psychologically people instantly get attracted to things that are catching to their senses – usually on what they see and hear. The web page design also enhances the whole appearance of the site. That is why, placement of the title, images, and contents, page length and width, links, graphics, use of sounds, etc, should be reviewed carefully.
If you want your business to expand, why not try what the Internet can do for you. Try investing on a web page and see what difference it can make to your business.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kawartha Beads - Check out Her Ad Spot Giveaway!

My name is April and you can follow my journey in handmade happenings at Kawartha Beads.

I am the proud mommy to an adorable toddler, bead addict and coffee-aholic! I began my blogging adventure as a means to promote the supplies shop that I run in conjunction with my mother and our handmade items. I am lucky to have inherited the creative fever from her and she is my greatest teacher and inspiration. I instantly loved blogging, sharing my thoughts, learning from others and exploring the endless stories behind the computer screens. I launched Kawartha Beads earlier this year after taking some time off from the creative aspect of our business to focus on my little one and evaluate my direction. I really wanted Kawartha Beads to be a resource both for the online community who loves handmade, as well as to offer local information for those in the area. I am continually working to create a balance between the two and am still learning everyday.

The creative flame is hard to extinguish and I’ve found my beads calling me late at night when my little one has gone to bed. I recently opened my own Etsy shop Kawartha Beads to share some of my own treasures while my mom concentrates on her own line of jewelry at Bijoux Designs For You. Together we still scour the globe for interesting and beautiful beads and findings which we offer in our supplies shop Rouge River Beads. Above all else I cherish the time that I have been able to spend with my mom while sharing this adventure together. In addition to expanding our family my long term goal is to be able to open my own bead boutique someday! I’ve always believed that if you follow your dreams and work hard they can come true. Hopefully you will join me in that journey…who knows where we will end up!

Visit April at for her fabulous ad spot giveaway!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Village of Moms Ad Spot Giveaway!


Advertising is an excellent way for your product, shop or your personal blog to get more exposure! Before we giveaway the 2 ad spots, here's more info about me and this blog: Who is the mom behind the Village of Moms and Kite Koop? Glad you asked (although maybe you won't be after reading this!). In summary...

 I'm Valerie, a Christ-following coach's wife and stay-at-home mother to 2 kids under 3 (who occasionally tests my patience) that is desperately trying to find some way to (legally) live in Australia or New Zealand for a while. (We also have, two dogs.) I have traveled extensively worldwide, especially when my husband was a professional athlete, and was even born in Brazil, but that doesn't really define me. In my life I have moved too many times to count, and I seem to do it the opposite way most people do it. Most people move from small town to big town, movin' on up. I, on the other hand, moved from a very ritzy big town in southern California to an extremely small town on the east coast for college, then back again, then to a smaller (but still big) city in Colorado, and now am settled in a very small town in the Midwest. But those don't define me either.

What does define me in a nutshell (or a massively run-on sentence)? I am a creature of habit, obsessive compulsive-cleaning-organizing blogaholic who is a slightly crunchy, sometimes grumpy and definitely overwhelmed mom, trying (and miserably failing) to manage two blogs all during naptime. Oh, and did I mention that I type with one arm while holding a high-needs (code for "fussy") baby in the other even when she's sleeping (apparently that's how it's done over here)? All in all, I really am truly blessed!

What is this blog about, and why was it started? I started this blog (at the urging gentle encouragement of my husband) earlier this year as a way to keep busy while holding said fussy high-needs child as she slept in my arms. It was either blog or watch TV while holding her. Not sure which is actually better for me. So on April 1st, I officially launched my blog, Village of Moms, with a strong desire to help moms in every facet of motherhood. It's basically (and eventually) meant to be a "one-stop resource" for moms on all subjects pertaining to parenting and housekeeping and everything in-between. Make sure to stop by and have a look at our other giveaways.

To enter Valerie's Fabulous Giveaway, check it out here!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ad Spot Giveaway for The Pumpkin Patch!

The Pumpkin Patch

For anyone who doesn’t know me, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I am from a little corner of the world that I like to call The Pumpkin patch. I am a stay-at-home mom to 4 little pumpkins. When we decided to start our family, we really got down to business and had them all in 4.5 years. It definitely gets a little crazy around here, but that is just how we like it. I also teach a preschool in my home for my daughter and her little 3 year old friends.

I started The Pumpkin Patch as a way to document and share what I have learned about in my life. There is a little something for everyone. On Messy Monday I share a kid-friendly craft or activity that is sure to make a mess (but not a big one) and make you and your kids smile. This is a linky party, so come join the fun. This past Monday we made Melted Crayon Art and it was so fun!

Transform Tuesday is for before and afters. We bought our house 3 years ago and the last time it was decorated was the early 80’s. We had a LOT of work to do when we moved in! I love this day because I see how far we’ve come in making our house a home. This is also a linky party and any transformation is welcome. Here is my boys' bedroom. It is my favorite so far.

Wednesdays are for Whatever I want. Sometimes it is a craft, recipe, or tutorial. Sometimes I host giveaways for others, and sometimes I feature blogs or ideas that I have seen and really like. If you’re having a hard day and need a little pick-me-up, then stop by for Thoughtful Thursday, and if you need a really great recipe, then Foodie Friday is just for you!!

Now for the giveaways…

The first giveaway is over at Thrifty D├ęcor Chick and is for a $50 gift card to anything in my Etsy store. You should definitely go there and enter.

So head on over to The Pumpkin Patch to win a great ad spot!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life in the Pitts Winner

The winner for Life in the Pitts Ad Spot Givaway chosen by is:

#6 Ana Paula@ Get Craftin said...

I'm a subscriber of Life in the Pitts newsletter!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Scrappy Gifts Ad Spot Giveaway

About Scrappy Gifts
Love to scrapbook and need ideas? Check out my Scrappy Saturdays to get ideas or share your own.

Need to find time to scrapbook more? Join in on my Online Crops at my Blog Frog Community to get some of your scrapbook projects done. Prizes, Games and Challenges.

Need creative crafty gifts for family, friends, or for yourself? Don't have the time to make a crafty gift or to scrapbook? Let me help you! I specialize in making scrapbooks: everyday scrapbooks, calendar, baby and wedding scrapbooks , guest books, scrapbook layouts, and creative gifts: scrappy canvas, clocks, and boxes. I can make any of these gifts: you choose the colors and what you want. All you have to do is add your pictures cut to size or pay me to add your pictures for you. Check out my Already Made Items or see ideas for a Custom Order.

About Me: Maryanne
Here's a little bit more about me. I'm Maryanne Nelson, a wife to an aspiring illustrator and a stay at home mom to a one year old boy.

I've been scrapbooking since the beginning of 2005, and I have grown to love it! It provides a strong creative outlet for me and makes me feel like I belong in Relief Society (a Latter-Day Saint Organization for Women). Sometimes I even dream about the perfect scrapbook layout.

Along with scrapbooking, I enjoy blogging, reading, playing games, learning new crafts and baking. I want to learn how to cook more, grocery shop on a budget, and sew. Plus I love learning how to do it yourself to make your home beautiful and seeing how creative people are.

I have a degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University-Idaho in December 2007 thus teaching is in my blood.

This giveaway for Scrappy Gifts will be hosted at her blog.  Enter as many times as you can!  Grow your blog through fabulous free advertising!  And check out all her fun activities and great tutorials.

Mommies Blessings Winner!

And the winner of Mommies Blessings Ad Spot Giveaway chosen by Random Number Generator at is..

#19  Lisa said...

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Ok everyone, lets keep entering for more ad spots on giveaways to come!
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