Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the URLS you are talking about for ordering menu buttons?

A: In order for me to make a horizontal menu bar, you need to give each of the options you want their own post in your blog. Then, select the individual post, and it will direct you to its own page. The URL(web address in your browser's address bar) of that post's individual page is the url I need to make it into a menu button. It usually consists of your blog's address plus that page's extension. Ex:
Q: Can I use my blog design for more than one blog?

A: No.  I own the blog design and you have only purchased a one time use license.  If you want permission to use the design on more than one blog, contact me for more info and extra licensing prices.  If you have purchased an istockphoto image however, that license is yours and you may choose how you wish to use it within the company's terms, conditions, and uses.

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