Friday, February 5, 2010

Vintage Flower Ruffle Headband

Linds from over at That's So Cuegly made an absolutely adorable Vintage Ivory Headband with Ruffles that I absolutely loved!!  She being extremely generous and gracious, allowed me to feature her tutorial and share it with all of you.  Check it out, its so darn cute!  She does a great job.

Want to make one?...

What if we include some RUFFLES?

That's what I thought.

(I bought a bed skirt at a yard sale for a quarter because I loved the fabric. So I cut it up).

I cut pedal shapes, no rhythm or reason as you can clearly see below. I literally hacked away at it.

Hot glued the centers (very very lightly or your center will get too stiff to shape. You could sew, but I'm ALL about no-sew, even if it intels glue burns.)

I did the same thing to an ivory colored lace that I had.
And glued 5 more pedals on top.

I placed a bead in the center and put the thinnest ring of hot glue around the whole base of the bead. Like so...

Then start pinching. I ended up shaping and pinching with both hands to give the flower a shape

Then put a tinsy dot of glue for the stragly back pedals.

Isn't she lovely?

She goes GREAT with ANY UPDO!
Then I got to thinking...What if I made a smaller version for a headband?
like so...

(I just cut out a circle of lace about the size of my palm and then pinched it all up with glue) and THEN added the pearls.

But it was missing something...

I grabbed a shiny brown 1/2" ribbon and glued it on the edge of the headband. I glued it first on the inside of the headband and wrapped it around the edge and glued it on the otherside. This is on the opposite side of the headband that the flowers are on.
Then we start loop-de-looing...
The arrows indicate where to put the glue. Put it lower than you think so that you can adjust the loop to the size you want. You'll understand once you start.

(sorry about chipped nail polish...a couple posts ago I noticed I REALLY needed to color my hair, so I did it the next I'm going to go give myself a manicure...)

Just keep going...Just keep going...

I stopped once I got to the flowers and didn't do the other end.



By Linds at That's So Cuegly!

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