Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weightloss Wednesday

I've joined the weekly Weightloss Wednesday started by Rosey Little Things.  I guess I should start out by stating my weightloss goals and steps.

Total Weightloss goal: I'll tell you when I make it :-).

Food Guide Resource:  Magic Foods by Readers Digest
A guide to better blood sugar.

Exercise Resources:

Marine Corps Fitness

Crunch Pilates 10 minute Workouts DVD, Belly Bottom and Thighs

Dancing With The Stars Dance Workouts

I'm happy to say that since the beginning of the year I have lost about seven to ten pounds.  I found a way of eating that has really worked for me: controlling my blood sugar.  A lot of people think controlling your blood sugar is for diabetic people only, but I have found that following such a lifestyle has made a lot of improvements for me.  And I am not diabetic.

I also purchased a dance cardio dvd and joined the free marine corps fitness site that guides you through workouts and such to help you become strong in ways similar to marines.

I also recently made  a more GL friendly (blood sugar friendly)  french fry variation that I ablsolutely LOVE!  Baked Sweet Potatoe "Fries" from scratch.  Since my camera batteries died, I will have to make that my next post so I can show you how I made them.  Delish!

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