Monday, March 15, 2010

Project Idea

Spring Break will soon be here.  I have a little project idea for you today.  Its super fun and Super Frugal, and will keep your little ones busy for a little bit..hopefully :-)

When I go shopping out for project books, like crossword puzzles or such, I really can never fork over the money to buy one off the shelf.  Same for kids activity books.  I usually think that if they're over a $1, they're just too expensive.

So, I decided to make my own kids activity project.  Connect the Dots.

I went into the paint program on my computer (nearly every computer made has this preinstalled into it) and set it to my pencil at a fairly large size.

Then I went around placing dots in a pattern around the paper and went back and numbered them.  Done. Super easy.  Here is an example of one I made:

Just a simple star.  You can make yours as hard or as easy as you want.   Maybe, you can even get the older kids to make them for the younger kids.  Its kind of fun.  And my favorite part: cheap.

2 bloggy friends commented:

Jenn Miyamoto said...

That's a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

Ms Bibi said...

Great idea. We just started a second week of a spring break and kids are going little restless on me,lol.

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