Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Talk About It Tuesday

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Hey Everybody.  Totally got a new bike: Pawn Shop style...

Its the Purple and Silver Version of this:
West Coast Woman's Cruiser

And now I'm totally cool like Farrah Facet.  And since I'm a mom and got it at a killer deal, I totally look like this when I'm riding it:

How to Find a Cruiser Bike For an Awsome Deal:

1.  Rule: Always call around before you waste your gas looking for a bike (wasting gas to find a bike to save on gas... is that redundant or what?)

2. Call the bike shops in town - check prices and stock (expensive and scarce).

3. Check out the couple shops that may have something according to your phone calls.
(Includes finally dropping off your donation items to the thrift store, stopping by the drug store to pick your photos, realize you forgot to put on deorderant, and buy some while your there since your almost out anyway.  Also, pick up the Easter cards to put the pictures in and try to remember to send them out before its too late...)

4.  Find nothing, see a pawn shop, check out their bikes, find one for twice what you want to pay...

5. Go home, call all the pawn shops in your area, nobody has a cruiser - except one in the next city.

6.  Put baby down for nap, leave him with daddy, check out the last shot you have a cheap bike, and there it is.  Your future bike.  Tada.

7. Buy it.

Can't wait to read what you've been up to!

2 bloggy friends commented:

Heather said...

I've actually been thinking about looking for a new bike. Thanks to you, now I know what to look forward to!!

Gina F said...

I love your West Coast Woman's Cruiser bike. I go riding every evening before sunset with my daughter. I have a fairly new bike but I do like that bike better. Enjoy your awesome West Coast Woman's Cruiser bike. I liked reading your blog. I will be back to read more. HAVE A HAPPY FAB DAY!!!

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