Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Shallow Are You?

So, I've got this crazy, curly brown hair.  Sometimes it looks good, and sometimes it needs more work.  Same with my clothes.  Clothes shopping = headache (the shopping takes forever and I'm really picky), so the ones I already have get worn to death.  Till they have so many holes, I can't hide, or sew them anymore, and they are too raggy to wear them in public and not be embarrassed.  Does that mean all my clothes are like that?  No, I have plenty of decent items I can comfortably wear in public without putting on the coat of shame.  Which is why, despite all efforts made by teachers and parents, I've been able to discover something that so many cannot purge from our society.  A shallow opinion.
Yes, its true.  People TOTALLY treat me differently based on how well put together I look.  Heels and cute outfit = nice smiles and greetings.  Sloppy and thrown together = ignored and overlooked.  And to be honest, I can completely understand it.  I have learned that this is part of most people's nature and it actually takes them effort to get past this.  Am I guiltless?  I'd be a liar if I said yes.  We do it without even thinking about it.  The next time you go to the grocery store, look around and think about your immediate reaction to people's presentation of themselves.  What are your first thoughts?

Am I saying that this is ok?  No, of course not.  Everyone should be treated nicely.  So, why then, are we talking about it on this blog?  Because the same goes in the bloggy world!  People like to read blogs dressed up in a clean outfit, or maybe even heels and a handbag.  It makes them happy to be on a blog with a cheery, put-together look, reading content they really enjoy.  Take the time to check out your template, and this will put you above the rest.  I know its not easy.  I go through different template designs all the time, trying them out and observing results.  But I believe it makes a huge differnce and can assist you in your efforts for growth.  When your thinking about your blogs daily date with your readers, don't forget the lipstick!

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Caroline said...

Soooo true! And excellent analogy!

the thrifty ba said...

this sounds aweful, but the only time i leave the house w/o make up is at 5am to work out. anyother time, i look at the least, cute. and if im going to school/drs/lunch...totally put together. my mom never wore makeup, cared about how she looked or cared how we looked. we were treated not as well and it hurt.
i know im weird like that.
so please dont judge me.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Your mention of blog growth reminded me that I signed up for your blog growth thiny yesterday...when is it supposed to get emailed...just want to make sure I did it right!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Oh, and ...I guess I notice how I feel when I take care of myself. I feel more happy, more inspired, more patient...And so the mornings when I think, let's have cozy day in pjs..I know by 2pm I am going to be one cranky mommy.

And depending on whether I have put myself together or not...the other people at Target appear to me differently. Either way though, I think, good for you for taking time for yourself or good for you for being free of the need to put on lipstick :)

On any given day you could see me in all states of motherhood.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I don 'tknow if I have ever commented on your blog...but I have read it for a long time. Love all your tips. Anyways, I like playing around with my blog, learning as I go, but you are right, I am drawn to clean, clear, easy to read and navigate.

Frugal Home Designs said...

Great way to illustrate a point, and I couldn't agree more with the clear easy to read blog.

Anonymous said...

Great analogy. Personally, I don't often leave the house without makeup. When I do, I don't feel confident and try to blend in so no one notices me or sees that I'm not put together. Just the same, when I see someone who is not put together, I assume that they aren't confident because they aren't trying to come across that way. It's hard not to judge people or just turn away... and the same goes for blogging like you said. If I stumble onto a blog that isn't formatted nicely, I'm not likely to stick around long unless the content reall grabs me.

Rachel Cotterill said...

LOL I know what you mean about blog templates. Whenever I visit a blogging friend who is using a standard Blogger template, I secretly want to ask why they haven't gone through and personalised it a bit...

On the other hand, I try very hard to be nice to everybody, regardless of appearances.

Sarah said...

Sarah @ For the Love of Naps -
Did you get your confirmation e-mail yet? If not, try entering your e-mail address, just to make sure the system got it right. I'm glad to hear I've made a bloggy friend! Thanks for the comments everybody!

Teddy Started It said...

LOL, I'm just the opposite. At a young age, I learned (the hard way) not to judge a book by its cover; so I DON'T let others judge me. I'm never in makeup anymore -- and I'm not what you'd call a "natural beauty". It's always amuses me the reactions I get when someone sees me 'done up' for the first time. I love making jokes about how well I 'clean up'.

Now, when it comes to blogs...well that's a different story. I can't read a junky looking blog -- just like I can't work at a cluttered desk or in a messy kitchen. I know my blog could use a fresh coat of paint. It's on the list:)

Bird said...

I have goals, upon goals, upon goals...Some of them never leave the wish list, but I guess we are all guilty in that department?! :)

The look thing is soo true whatever the scenario. This is why adverts on magazines usually have airbrushed people on them!

With blogs I suspect that time is of the essence, so if a "nice-looking" blog manages to just grab your attention with a few eye candy features, you might be hooked and come back?!

I get hooked by blogs which inspire me to. Be it by design, content or personal life story...Sometimes though, seeing a really immaculate blog makes me suspicious. For me it takes away the personal touch (sort of like shopping at a big retail store as opposed to a corner deli). I also need the "keeping it real" shots of messy house and bad hair! :)

Really enjoyed your topics,
keep up the discussions - I'm hooked already! :)

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