Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TAIT - It's Ok to Accept Help

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For me today, I've been thinking about help. What kind of help can you find to help your blog grow?

I think this all started when I was talking to someone who has decided to give birth to her second child that's on the way naturally with no help from drugs and pain relievers.  I was so amazed at her courage to do so; she was willing to go the extra step to use midwife and give birth at their clinic, just to avoid the temptation of having an epidural.  This made me think about my own child bearing experience.

I have to tell you, when I had my son, I never had a better friend than when the epidural and I were friends.  I had to be induced, so I was hooked up to IV's and monitors and they wouldn't let me move, or they would come rushing in and put the monitors back on.  When the contractions really started coming, I wanted to move, walk around, anything!  I decided, if I have to sit here so they can monitor me, then yes, I want the epidural.

I had previously thought about how is might be unfair and selfish to all the women of the past who had to bare children without the help of the great medicines and technologies of today for me to take the easy way out (easy.. haha, is there anything easy about it?...)  That maybe I wasn't as strong as they were.  Even after I had my son, I think I still felt a little guilty about it.

Then I realized, I totally had the wrong frame of mind about the whole thing.  Instead of feeling guilty I should be feeling grateful.  People have been working for hundreds of years to make childbearing more bearable.  Its ok if I choose to accept the help they offer.  Its also ok for those who choose to go naturally.  This does not make us any weaker than our foremothers.  I believe that they would encourage us to take advantage of anything available to assist us if we choose to do so.

Later I started thinking about blogging.  How you are only one person and its a competitive world out there.  Your going to need some help.  And you shouldn't feel guilty or weak because of it.  Growing your blog is a huge, and possibly time consuming task.  A way to recieve help is to take advantage of all the great blogs out there to help your own blog grow.  There are a lot of good blogs that put out regular fabulous content.  I can put this to my own use.  Get involved in their activities, send them an e-mail if you have an idea of your own you would like them to get involved in, and buy my blog and ad spot on their's.  Doing everything by myself all the time can be overwhelming.  I'm not afraid to talk to others.  I used to be intimidated by huge blogs and renowned bloggers.  Then I realized, they are writers, just like me.  Human and approachable.

So, what are you talking about today?  Link up and let others find your blog!  Don't forget to add the TAIT button found on the side bar to the right.

7 bloggy friends commented:

Jessica said...

So true! I think it is great to benefit from others who have gone before us. Don't reinvent the wheel.

the thrifty ba said...

i always figured that is why i was born now-god knew i was going to be a wuss...

Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

Accepting help has always been difficult for me because I felt like it meant I was admitting that I wan't good enough. All 4 of my deliveries were high risk and my last 2 pregnancies were high risk. I finally had to get over my insecurities and ask for/accept the help that I desperately needed. It was definitely a paradigm shift, but once I retrained my brain, accepting help became liberating in a way. Thanks for this post.

Krymsen said...

I'm you newest follower/stalker from Friday Follow!

Stop by my blog when you get a chance.


Meet Virginia said...

Thanks so much for hosting! I just love your blog!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

Very encouraging post - just the blogger boost I needed today! Thanks, and thanks for letting us hook up!

Laura said...

I agree with epidural issue. Use technology when you can. I have five kids, not all birthed with epidurals. One came to fast (thankfully not terrible pain), the other had me labor for 24 hours, but when the bad contractions kicked in, it was too quick for epidural. Omg, I was in so much pain...I begged for an epidural with the last one. ;)

I have issues with asking for help. I think growing up in the
'70s made us think as women when shouldn't ask for help, we should be able to do it all. HA, yeah right! Love the blog and definitely a follower.

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