Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bloggy Conferences for Us Stuck @ Home.

Talk About It Tuesday.

There are so many blogging conferences going on. I really want to go! The thing about all of these though, is that you basically have to go on your summer vacation to get to one. Take off time from work, possibly leave your family alone for a few days, buy tickets for travel, the conference, hotels, eating out and so many expenses. Oy. I'm just not going to make it. Why do they all have to be on-location only? Isn't the reason we all love blogging is because we can connect with so many other people on the web?

I think I'm just going to plan my own bloggy conference. One that all those stuck "at home" (can't leave daily life) like me can go to. We won't have to make it such a huge expensive event that you go broke. And you can participate right from home. We'll get in on the party too!

So, I'm open to any suggestions you may have.

  • What classes you would like to have.
  • Things you would like to learn.
  • People you would like to meet.
  • Reasonable Prices (to cover everything).
  • Anything else you want to add.
This all started from the growing envy I was trying to avoid while reading about all the things the other conferences were having.  I would almost start to drool it sounded like so much fun and learning.  I don't like being left out because of one thing or another, so I just make my own plans and fun.  And I totally want to invite you!  So let's get planning!

10 bloggy friends commented:

Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

This is a really great idea Sarah. I would like to know aside from regular posting and posting about what people want to know about how others "made it big". Was it specifically planned that way? Of did it just sort of happen? Did they need someone to "introduce them to the world" to get their big break? You knowe, stuff like that.

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

I would TOTALLY be in to a stay at home conference, I was "almost" registered for one but it was going to cost $800.00 when I totaled everything up...Needless to say it didn't happen!
email me for sure if you put it together! alyashcreations(at)gmail.com

Emi said...

I agree with Sarah. How did bigger blogs make it? Tips on advertising? Maybe the most effective so that our time can be used the best to allow to have a life outside our blog. I feel like the point is to be home with my family but if all they see is the back of my head I may as well be working a traditional job. I would love a confrence like this!!! jandeecrafts@hotmail.com

Simply Stacie said...

I'd like to learn more on SEO for my blog. I recently transitioned to Wordpress and really have no clue on all of its potential.

Katie said...

Great idea! I would love to learn about how to get advertisers, how to grow my blog and keep my readers.

Melissa said...

I have always been bad at answering on the spot questions. Give me some time to mull it over and I might have some suggestions.

Meet Virginia said...

Thanks so much for hosting!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Jacque said...

I think this is a great idea. Do a series of webinars and chats and such. Would be awesome! Definitely keep us updated!

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

I think it is a great idea but I wouldn't know where to begin. Blog conferences are all so very new to me.

mompreneur said...

Really a great idea! I also would like to learn ideas on how to grow my blog. Blogging is really new to me, but I love to learn more and more especially on how to get advertisers.

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