Monday, May 3, 2010

Changes & A News Board

I guess you can quite obviously see that BCD is under construction :-).  This results in the need for a different design to make this blog efficient and reader friendly - cute too.  Blogs tend to be mostly only about the writer, their thoughts, and such.  That's great and is a lot of what blogs were made to do.  For my blog, I want it to be more involved with readers, other bloggers, and to build a community of support.  To become a blog growth central station where you can come and know you'll grow and get the support you need for the activities you're planning from other bloggers reading as well.

That's why I've added a Bulletin Chat Log up top where you can post your upcoming/current events that you want to let other bloggers know about.  Whether its a giveaway, link-up party or great post, we want to know what's happening!  Feel free to post as you like - as long as its family friendly and appropriate.  Otherwise it will be deleted.  I've added this feature because I know how frustrating it can be to advertise your blogging events.  Sometimes I just wished that some blogs had a spot where I could post my current activities that I wanted others to be aware of and hopefully participate in.  Granted comments can be wonderful way to do this, but here is a comment board right up top where everybody who visits this blog will see.  More convenient and efficient!

So go ahead and post a chat.  Be sure to include your blog or post url so we know where to go.  Keep an eye out for more community updates which I will hopefully be adding as time goes on.  Like I said, my goal is to build a community of blogging support.

BTW - Thanks to everyone who's participating in the Button Swap Blog Hop.  It's going great and  I'm still catching up and will be visiting soon!

3 bloggy friends commented:

shannon i olson said...

fun! THANK you. I am getting ready for some giveaways and will be returning to post them soon, this will be great to check on daily!!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

What a neat thing to have on your blog. Thank you for introducing us to Chatroll. I posted a notice on it about my latest podcast that I produced of Making Our Home a Haven.

Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees. com said...

Change is fun!! I will be keep my eyes open for all the new stuff!

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