Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Village of Moms Ad Spot Giveaway!


Advertising is an excellent way for your product, shop or your personal blog to get more exposure! Before we giveaway the 2 ad spots, here's more info about me and this blog: Who is the mom behind the Village of Moms and Kite Koop? Glad you asked (although maybe you won't be after reading this!). In summary...

 I'm Valerie, a Christ-following coach's wife and stay-at-home mother to 2 kids under 3 (who occasionally tests my patience) that is desperately trying to find some way to (legally) live in Australia or New Zealand for a while. (We also have, two dogs.) I have traveled extensively worldwide, especially when my husband was a professional athlete, and was even born in Brazil, but that doesn't really define me. In my life I have moved too many times to count, and I seem to do it the opposite way most people do it. Most people move from small town to big town, movin' on up. I, on the other hand, moved from a very ritzy big town in southern California to an extremely small town on the east coast for college, then back again, then to a smaller (but still big) city in Colorado, and now am settled in a very small town in the Midwest. But those don't define me either.

What does define me in a nutshell (or a massively run-on sentence)? I am a creature of habit, obsessive compulsive-cleaning-organizing blogaholic who is a slightly crunchy, sometimes grumpy and definitely overwhelmed mom, trying (and miserably failing) to manage two blogs all during naptime. Oh, and did I mention that I type with one arm while holding a high-needs (code for "fussy") baby in the other even when she's sleeping (apparently that's how it's done over here)? All in all, I really am truly blessed!

What is this blog about, and why was it started? I started this blog (at the urging gentle encouragement of my husband) earlier this year as a way to keep busy while holding said fussy high-needs child as she slept in my arms. It was either blog or watch TV while holding her. Not sure which is actually better for me. So on April 1st, I officially launched my blog, Village of Moms, with a strong desire to help moms in every facet of motherhood. It's basically (and eventually) meant to be a "one-stop resource" for moms on all subjects pertaining to parenting and housekeeping and everything in-between. Make sure to stop by and have a look at our other giveaways.

To enter Valerie's Fabulous Giveaway, check it out here!

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