Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Research Paper

As you know, I am in college working on pre-grad school credits.  Right now I am in a research writing and developement (or of the sorts) English class and we are about to finalize what subject we are going to spend the WHOLE semester researching and writing about.  After lots of brainstorming and trying to decide on something I really do want to know more about, I think I've narrowed it down.

Can you guess????

The stockmarket.  I can hear some of you saying "Great!" and others wondering, "Why bother?"

Well, I really don't have in-depth knowledge of anything about the stockmarket.  And I really want to!  There is so much to learn, that hopefully I won't have a difficult time writing the approximately 10 page paper at the end of the semester or something (besides the difficulty of just writing that much in general). 

It is possible that I may start sharing some of what I learn with you... (I almost feel bad for you myself).

I found out something really interesting about one of my fellow employees at my work.  They started investing in stock really young and managed to get buy some in Starbucks.  That stock paid for several cars and a house! 

Now I know what some of you are thinking - "She's looking to get rich quick, and will find nothing but dissapointment along the way."  That would be so if that was why I decided to study the subject, but its not (even though that would be really cool!).  I'm studying it for understanding and awareness.

So if any of you know of  good place to start my research, let me know!  This venture could be really exciting or really boring.  I guess we'll see.

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