Saturday, January 23, 2010

Designs Of Life: Conquering a Pre-disposition

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So, since this is my design blog, I figure I can share with you whatever I like, especially if its my personal "Designs Of Life" goals.  I have recently been able to practically wipe out one of my most bothersome pre-dispostions = PACK RAT!!!

Yes, can you believe it?  Me, a pack rat, able to de-clutter my house?  And feel great about giving the stuff away, or just throwing it out?  Yep, I actually did it!!!!  And I'm still going strong!

So for any of you who have the same problem and are wondering, how in the world was she able to do it, let me tell you!

Since starting my design business on top of all my other responsibilities, I found that all the messes caused by the extra junk I have around my house, where really putting in a dent into my time.  I knew if I wanted to be successfull in all my goals, I would HAVE to start making some tough choices.  -And I decided all my junk was NOT worth the time. 

I know that everything I have takes up some of my time.  To take care of it, to clean it, everything.  Plus, when things are cluttered, the mess makes me very unhappy.  I get distracted, cramped, and my son loves to tear everything onto the floor, making More mess.

So, I opened up my boxes and started getting rid of it all. 

Clothes that don't fit or I don't like- Donate

Clothes that have holes or are raggity - Trash

Extra Kitchen Appliances I don't Use - Donate

Old Tupperware - Trash

Extra Shoes I Don't Need - Donate

Expired Food - Trash

Unhealthy Food- Trash (more to come on my amazing new "diet" {I like to call it food lifestyle changes} that actually WORKS for me!!! AND IS HEALTHY!!!!)

Old Yucky Dishtowels or Towels - Trash

Extra Sheets that don't fit anyone's current bed - Donate

Broken Toys - Trash

Broken Cheap Jewelery that I know I will never get around to fixing - Trash

Old Makeup- Trash

Perfumes that I don't wear - Giveaway

Underthings that have hole(s) - Trash

Extra Plastic Bags - Recycle

Extra Papers - Recycle (or shred if they have personal info)

Just Anything that I don't need - Get Rid of it

At first I didn't think I would be able to get rid of Anything.  What if I need it later?  What if I'm sorry I got rid of it?  -All those questions that come up when your trying to clean.  But, I forced myself to go ahead and I discovered something. 

Every time I got rid of another thing I didn't need, I felt like I had an increase in the power I had over my life.  I wasn't controlled any more by all the stuff I had around.  I was in charge.  I didn't have to slave over taking care of all this junk.  It felt so good, that it motivated me to keep on going.  And everytime something else was gone, it got easier to get rid of the next thing!

This has been a HUGE stepping stone for me.  It has really made a Big differnce in my life.  I want to let all of you who have this problem know, that You Can Do It!   I know its made me a happier and more productive person.

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Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said...

I can totally relate! When I started decluttering, I couldn't believe how freeing it was. It made me want to keep doing it, and then the braver I got and the more I've been able to get rid of. I told the kids to watch out, because at this rate they could be next. :)

Kudos to you for making this big step!!

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