Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Sleep, but Found a Great Deal

My little sweet son has a stuffy nose and cannot sleep.  Seems like a little thing, but its 3 in the morning right now and I know tomorrow will not be fun...
I stopped at the 24 hour Walgreens and picked up Triaminic Thin Strips, so hopefully those will be helping him soon.  Right now he is next to me playing with a one of my make-up concealer sticks, a pen and some old game system inter-cooler.  Its almost like he is trying to play the drums.  I am tired and he is not.  Often seems to be the case :-)

While waiting for him to tire out, I think I have stumbled across a great deal.  Buy two Triaminic items from Walgreens and a $5 Register Reward will pop out.  Plus there is a $1.50 coupon here.  Try to print two, and if all goes well, that should make the items (originally on sale this week 2 for $10) only $1 each.  Wow!  Be sure to double check though. 

Hope you all are able to get a good rest.  Me, too...

2 bloggy friends commented:

MamaBug said...

What a great deal. We go through these like crazy and the combo of antihistamine and cough suppressant really work for my boys. TFS!!

oh, & thanks for following...I'm a follower, too.

sheila said...

When my kids are congested, they rub vicks vaporub on the bottom of their feet then put socks on (all this right b4 bedtime). They have been doing this since they were little and it really does help. Weird, I know but it does. :)

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