Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WLW - Weight Loss Wed.

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Broke into the next set of numbers, yay!

Food alert!

A dirty little secret you really should know.  I have found that a serving of yogurt has as much sugar as a serving of ice cream!!!  Yes, I'm serious.  I compared the amount of sugar in Activia Yogurt and Haagan Dazs Ice cream (I can't remember the exact flavors, so here are just some images to use in my example)

 17 Grams of sugar per serving

17 Grams of sugar per serving

Yikes!  So, if your watching your sugar intake like me, watch out for yogurt.   Check the sugar content before you buy...

2 bloggy friends commented:

Danielle said...

Holy moly yogurt versus ice cream? I would take ice cream! hahaha Glad to find you on Friday follow.

CRAZYMOM said...

Holy cow! thanks for the heads up. give me Haagen Dazs, thank you. LOL

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