Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Talk About It Tuesday

Sorry you guys, I had scheduled this post, but it remained a draft, so after I got home from work today, I saw it wasn't up! Here it is now, a little late...

Talk About It Tuesday

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I Love Ballet!

I didn't always think ballet was that great.  Then I saw Barbie presents Swan Lake (yes, I have seen that movie) and watched the extras and found the artistry Amazing!  Ballet is such a controlled, diciplined, beautiful, strong art form that sometimes the things they do are practically unbelievable.  For example

Incredible! That is flexibility. 

The costumes are so ornate.

This dancer has long, beautiful hair (I think its real...)  I like this picture because it reminds of my own long hair that I finally cut off.

If I could go to all the recitals in my area, I would love it.  I think the last one was the Nutcracker, two Decembers ago when I was about to burst, getting close to my son's due date.  Suprise, suprise, I don't think I've been to one since :-)

Can't wait to read what you guys are writing about!

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