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Growth's 15 Hot Buttons: Part 1

From Marketing Straight to the Heart by Barry Feig comes this incredible set of 15 Hot Buttons to Push when trying to appeal to customers wants and needs.  They are such powerful concepts that I found they can apply to bloggers and home businesses just as well.  You can use these concepts to enhance your posts and other communications to aid you in your end goals, whether its having a high traffic blog appreciated by readers, and/or to sell ad spots/merchandise.

I was really intrigued when I found these.  Here are the first 5 for Part 1.

Hot Button #1:  The Desire For Control

"Many people think their lives are out of control.  They don't know where they're going or how they're going to get there.  This is not good.  Feelings of loss of control are synonymous with a fear of the unknown.  People equate loss of control with loss of power over their own desitny or the destiny of their loved ones."

This is such a gravitating concept.  People love to know they are in control of their own lives and look to those they deem to have such control for support and advice.  If you would like to see an effective example of applying this concept to a post you can read one here by Money Saving Mom.  She does a great job of helping readers feel that yes, they can take control of situations.

If you're offering something that you believe will offer your readers more control of their own lives, tell them so!  Explain benefits, how to go about it, give it every good word you have! 

Hot Button #2: Revaluing

"(People) are beginning to think that looking to past comforts and happiness may help them find happiness in the present.  They're returning to products and entertianment that offer them contentment and familiarity.  It's part of an overall revaluing of their lives.

The trend is largely responsible for the growing success of  Nick at Nite on Nickelodeon, with comfort programming... (they) will gravitate toward products that are familiar (and therefore comforting), but often with a contemporary twist, like sodas with a more sophisticated appeal...

Emotional connections to purchases should drive manufactureres to develop products and strategies that enhance the consumer's perception of a better lifestyle, such as educational toys for grandchildren and healthier foods."

Using a revaluing methods in your writing will cause the reader to start to think about themselves.  What they want to change and how.  Then, make your answer a good solution to their need for change.  Show them how your information or product is going to add more value to their lives.  Take them to a point that they want to be.

Hot Button #3: The Excitement of Discovery

The excitement of something new is based on discovery.  "Words like introducing, at last, and new in ads are far more than bromides.  They bring increased attention...

The joy of discovery means that almost any new product or service will generate at least passing interest.  The chance of discovering something unique is why (readers prowl blogs looking for something interesting and new). 

When a (reader) unearths something, it also generates strong word of mouth.  When a person talks about something he or she doscovers, that person gets to feel important for exposing this new find.  Avon's Skin So Soft was found to be effective at repelling bugs (it's also a decent pain remover).  The message traveled quicly from (reader) to (reader).  Sales spread faster tatan they woudl have if Avon had released a new bug repellent."  Its a way to beat the system.

Hot Button #4: I'm Better Than You

"You are what you buy.  That's a primary tenet of marketing to the heart.  Overwhelmingly, the means of choice for gaining status is consumer goods.  People are willing to pay dealy to enhance themselves in the eyes of their peers.

 Prestige or status sales cut through all income levels.  Whether your customers are considered upscale or downscale is no barrier to making a product appeal through prestige.  It's all relative.  In some socioeconomic groups, large flashy gold jewelry is considered a status symbol.  In other groups, small antique (valuable, yet understated) gemstones may be de rigueur.

Whether you approve or not, status seeking is a dynamic part of our lives.

The move toward generic brands continues to die a slow lingering death as supermarkets' marketing techniques become more sophisticated.  Supermarkets are creating their own brands - super store brands.  They've learned that a positive upscale brand perception can be more appealing than a low price.  Loblaw's, in Canada, has developed a unique private-label program that offers a premium version of products to enhance the supermarket's store brand and their image.

In a marketing strategy based on status, it's important ot reinforce the product benefits and let consumers rationalize the extra cost.  People buy Mercedes cars because they think such a car gives them prestige and they justify the expense by talking about engineering.  Membership in a prestigious country club can be rationalized by saying that it may lead to new business contracts.

Hot Button #5: Family Values

"The continuity of family relationships is one of the strongest consumer motivations.  But there is trouble in family land.  The family breakfast is dead, and the family dinner is soon to be a casualty.  While 40 percent of American families share dinner at the end of the day at least once a week, the economics of a two-paycheck family means that at least one of the dinner providers is going to be too tired to do much cooking or socializing.

People are making a great effort to spend quality time together as a family.  But as usual, you must market to the dream ..  Quality  time with families is still of utmost importance.  The family unit is far from dead.  It is evolving.  Marketers must sell a vision of the family, not as it is, but as consumers wish it would be."

This totally describes my family.  Every night of the week, either my husband is at work or I'm at work.  We probably eat dinner together once a month if we're lucky.  Do I stop trying to live the family life I dream of?  Of course not.  I can get totally drawn in when someone is talking about family values and ways to support them.  Such a great marketing strategy!

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