Friday, April 23, 2010

Mompreneur Business Boom?!

Did you ever wonder what the difference between a successful Mompreneur business and not?  That is a big question that a lot of business bloggers want to know the answer to.  My question is, do you know?

A lot of my readers run their own business and would like to know how to increase their growth.  I've been studying this concept, and let me tell you, its just not one clear solution.  There are so many factors involved.  I think one of the biggest reasons might be, people are attracted to certain things and when you hit the right thing, that's when your growth goes wild.

I was scouting around Etsy shops, and I saw one shop that was doing Extremely well.  And one of their biggest selling items was one that was completely unexpected to me.  Mostly because it was an item that I didn't have a particular interest in but it was very apparent that so many others Did.  These designers knew their audience and had a great idea. 

We all have very different prefferences and personalities.  We like what we like and sometimes we get lost in that and it keeps us from exploring different options that could help us on our way.  When your building your business, a good question to ask is, who are your prominent customers?  What do they like, what do they want, what will sell well?  How do we go about finding this information?

Getting comments from vistors may be a solution.  Ask them what they want.

Sending out a survey.

Send out a friendly e-mail to those who would be interested in recieving one with questions about what they like.

These are just starting ideas.  They work ok.  Is there a better way?  Probably.  Do you know of one? 

Polls usually get ignored. 

You really have to give the reader a reason to want to participate in any of these ideas.  Do you have an awsome tip you will share with them if they participate?

Give a deadline, let them know what your goals are and when you want to meet them, and how participating will improve things in general.  Make them really interested.  They know if they participate, things will be more productive and better for everyone, especially them in the long run.

Don't stop here either.  I will continue to research and share on this subject, because it is a burning question that I must figure out.  If you have any tips for us, share the wealth.  We're all here to support each other.  There's plenty to go around :-)

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Barbie said...

This is great. I really don't know much about blogging after simply typing a post. I am looking forward to reading through your site.

Cupcake Mommie (Jessica) said...

Thanks for visiting. You have tons of great info here. Looking forward to learning more!

Kawartha Beads said...

I wish there was just one simple "secret to success" but of course it can be a bit of a learning process (or I prefer adventure!) Looking forward to more helpful tips in the future.


Helena said...

Hi, your title caught my eye and your content will keep me coming back! Thanks for the great info, I really need it! New Follower from Friday Follow! I'm at AGalNeeds...
Have a great weekend!

Happy Gramma said...

Great thoughts!. I will be coming back for more.
I found you on friday Follow.
Please visit me @

ificould said...

Good tips. My sister & I just started a blog and we get discouraged that we don't have more followers or get more comments. We do the blog for fun- but it always makes it more fun to realize that other people think that what you're saying has value! said...

I am so excited I found you - thank you so much for the blogging tips, and for allowing us to link up our blogs. What a great source for new bloggers~

Ms Bibi said...

I still have lots to learn and I am nowhere near where I want to be, but reading blogs like yours and exchanging ideas is the best way we can all succeed.

mommy beth said...

Being a mompreneur really is a learning process, and I'm glad to find your blog for more inspiring thoughts. I just started my own blog, thank you for the tips. Hope you visit mine, too!

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