Friday, May 7, 2010

Earn Money Here At BCD!

Want to become a writer and earn a little money? I'm assembling information and articles on different topics and want to give my readers a chance to earn a some rewards for their help. I'm looking for original articles and posts written by you to feature on my blog and other sites that are related to:

1. Money Making Work at Home Ideas, Stories, Methods, or Suggestions.

2. Different Ways to Grow Your Blog or Business.

3. Anything else thats related to these subjects that can offer advice to help other bloggers make their Work @ Home/Blogging Success dreams come true.

When you have some quality original writing on these topics, send it to me in an e-mail so I can take a look. I really want to get a collection of these going. If I find that what you have sent me if what I'm looking for, I would be interested in buying it from you. My payment options would consist of a method of your choosing from the following options below.

Choose a $5 E-Gift Card From One of these Sites:

Or: Have a direct payment of $5.00 paid into your paypal acount. (Remember paypal charges small transaction fees that will not be covered by me)

This is a great way to earn a little extra on the side by doing something you do everyday anyway. Write. Even if you don't think you have anything to write about, I bet if you look at your own ideas and activities, you could think of some tricks you know that you could share with others. Write about something you know that others may not. Remember, I have a limited budget for this program every month, so the sooner you get your writing into me, the better. I can only pay for a limited amount writings and articles per month, and won't be able to accept all submissions. Feel free to submit multiple articles sending them at any time, though.

I'm doing this because I know my readers are so clever and that they have so much to share. I want to hear about some of your ideas and share them with others. Plus a little something in return is always nice. So get your original writings together and send them to me at Can't wait to see what ideas you've come up with. If your submission is accepted, I will send you more specifics at that time.

Good Luck and Good Writing!

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