Monday, May 17, 2010

Growing Your New Blog

Ok, so to further teach, I've decided to "grow" my new baby blog the right way, and take you along for the ride.  Like I said last week, I've found a secondary niche as a new outlet for me on top of this one.  Because I've become so interested in living on less and saving with homemade, I started my new blog and it is now a week old.  So far I've

Built my Grab Me Button
Set up my e-mail newsletter sign-up using Mad Mimi

(you'll notice both this blog and my Living On Homemade blog have e-mail only entry forms - I decided people may be more comfortable, the less info they need to provide - why do some company's need so much info anyway, besides to send flyers to my mailbox?)

I believe those two things are so important that I did them in the first week of my blog's life.  I have a list of things I will be doing this week and will show you how to set yourself up for success.  I haven't even done all these things with this blog - kind of backwards, I know.  But I decided that the new blog needs my current funds so I can set it up right.

After its completely set up, its success or not will likely depend on two things: whether I've found the right niche for me to write quality content, and whether or not I can reach the people who would be interested in my topic as well.  This is a huge factor.  I can do everything right, but if I can't come full circle with content and readers, it will be futile.  So, today I'm off to the huge Monday Link Up Party Listing at Tools For Women to link up some of my Living on Homemade blogposts on sites that my have my future readers.  I'll be doing this all week as well.  Let's get started on growing our blogs!

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Quad Stroller said...

Great to know that you are increasing the size of your baby blog . Its really a great idea to share your personal experinces with us. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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