Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grow Your New Blog Day 2

Alright, Day 2 of Growing A New Blog.  Today I did something that I haven't ever done before, but know will make a big difference.  I bought a domain.  Yes, me... I did it.  I have always put this off till I'm too far down the road and don't want to take the chance of messing things up.  Good thing I did it early too, because all my reader's comments dissapeard!  What?...  I was so sad, I loved those comments.  Hopefully they will come back after the domain finishes registering.  Note* Don't buy a domain while having a giveaway dependent on comments!

Setting up the domain was easy.  Its under Settings-Publish-Custom Domain.  All the advice I've read and been given somehow at some point usually encourages bloggers to lose the .blogspot.com and switch to just .com or something.  It helps with building a reader friendly blog that they can easily remember and makes your blog just easier to find during searches in general.  You can see what a tight-wad I am, talking about buying a domain, when I haven't even bought one for my Blogger Chix Designs blog.  I want to but I also want to change the name to something more relative to my current blogging subject but haven't decided yet.  We'll see I guess.

The next step I took was setting up my Chic Chick Media Ad and Widget.  I've had great success with this advertising program and didn't want to waste any time setting it up. 

These are two big steps for me to take so early in a blog's developement.  I usually waste time putting it off waiting for...I don't know what.  Maybe to see how things will go or something like that.  It depends on how you feel about your blog I guess. 

I plan on continuing linking up to all the blog parties throughout the week.  So far so good.

Now, time for Talk About It Tuesday!  What are you up to? (Family Friendly Please, Thanks :-)

2 bloggy friends commented:

Redbonegirl97 said...

Give some advice for setting up ads.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

ham1299 said...

Very timely post here! I just bought a domain for my book blog over the weekend. I'm in the process of getting it ready to go. Unlike you, though, I switched to Wordpress, and just LOVE it! Congrats on your domain name! :-)

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