Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Guy's Fishin' Hat

Summer is coming and the Sun  is out.

My little guy needs a hat.

So here is my tutorial on how I made him a little hat to wear.  I used a little math, so you may need to crack out the calculator. If you would like more explanation on the math part, I'll add, so just scroll down past the video.

For my cirlce patterns I use big bowls because they were going to work best for me.  You can use whatever you want, plates, freestyle it, maybe a real pattern you have :-).

Anyway, enjoy!

 Here is the formula I'll be using:

Don't be afraid, I know you can do it.  The only number you need to find is the radius.  Measure across the center of the center piece and divide that number by two.  That is your radius.  Then, just plug that number in, punch the formula into your calculator and and that is how long you connector piece needs to be.

3 bloggy friends commented:

Just Me said...

CUTE. :) I have an award for you at www.

Debbie said...

That is so cute! How clever you are.

iram fartash said...

very good effort :) u know what i enjoyed the most the sounds in the back ground of ur vidio :)so familar were they , when a crafty mother tries to do some thing, i have 2 girls and both of them have all the problems in the world only when i am tring to make some thing :)best wishes

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