Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grow Your New Blog Day 3

Day three - time to look at your blog's topic.  What niche is right for you and will be most profitable?  I recently found a great program that walks you through finding which information that you already know is going to be best for your blog (a blog is an information product by the way) or even an e-book.  It includes a blueprint worksheet to help you discover your best topic.  Of course all of this is free and reputable.  The author has plenty of resources already which is why he can offer it for free.  Its how he grows his own business.  But believe me, this is good stuff.

I went through a lot of topics before I finally found one that was right for me.  It was hard to get to that point.  There weren't any really good guides on how to do this at that time.  Mostly just trial and error.  It can be frustrating and dissapointing.  Help is good.  I've learned to not procrastinate on taking good advice from experts I trust.  Do I still do it?  Sometimes because I'm not always sure how to apply concepts to my own adventures.  But I'm learning the hard way, time delayed is potential growth delayed.  I think I'm going to make a new resolution to take good advice and put it to use.  Did this come from watching the Guru Video?  No, it actually came while reading one of my other favorite sites Entreprenuers Journey.  But it lead me to share my newly found information goldmine with you in hopes that it will help you grow your blog.  You can check out Guru Mastermind Blueprint here.

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mommy beth said...

Hi Sarah! I really hope I would also learn to grow my blog. I'm new to this and I'm really hungry for more and more things to learn. I will definitely check out on your suggestions. Thanks!

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